Unconventional Energy Resources Promoting Sustainable Living

In recent times there has been a lot of hullabaloo in terms of the ‘so called’ gimmick being played by the market to optimize usage of renewable energy. For a layman, the potential reason estimated is creating movement in the saturated market by investing on newer innovations.

But, certain glaring evidences dispel the phony assumptions, redirecting our focus towards alternate energy. The following pointers establish the significance of unconventional energy comprising solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, biomass and hydro power. Among these sources only geothermal and biomass energy is, to some extent, responsible for emission which is way lower than power generated from coal or natural gas.

Let us take a sneak peak at how they can make a difference to the world that struggles to repel the effects of global warming and climate change.

Curbing Emissions

In the wake of industrialization, profit maximizing motives has lead to adopting reckless ways to optimize productivity, in the course exploiting conventional energy resources. Irresponsible use of fossil fuel has lead to incredible carbon emission; polluting natural resources and posing harmful impact on the biodiversity by trapping heat that steadily lead to the rise of the planet’s temperature. Using renewable energy helps us in successfully replacing carbon footprints. Researchers have proved through that incessant use of renewable energy is directly proportional to reducing emissions from generating electricity through conventional means.

Health Factor

The harmful impacts of polluted natural surroundings have already manifested itself in the form of breathing problems, neurological damage, heart attacks, and cancer. Studies show reduction in the use of fossil fuels reduces premature mortality. Using renewable sources can redress the health concerns reducing health care costs.

Incessant and Resilient Supply

Natural energy resources need no consideration to make it available whenever need arises as they are naturally replenished. Wind Power, bright skies, gush of water, heat from beneath the crust or plant remains, reserve the potential to provide sufficient electricity always and forever, nullifying the effects of global warming and climate change.  If properly tapped using high end innovation, renewable energy suffices a major share of electricity needs. Even on the occasion of disrupting incidences personally installed systems work well without external distribution dependence.

Job Creation

Being a labor intensive process, generating electricity using renewable energy can create employment unlike capital intensive and highly mechanized conventional alternatives. More and more innovations being streamlined to capitalize on unconventional sources, a parallel energy industry is on the rise, increasingly engaging manpower.

Cost -Effective Alternative

May be at the dawn of putting renewable energy into use, the sky rocketing costs of installation created a kind of illusion, but over the years a steady decline has busted it. Initial operation costs started reducing when the systems became functional. This is gradually paving the path towards stabilizing costs, owing to ceaseless availability and lowest maintenance costs, unlike conventional generation procedures marked by uncertainty of fuel availability.
Thus, it is pretty apparent that the human race will benefit hands down on optimising utilisation of renewable energy.

Unconventional Energy Resources Promoting Sustainable Living
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Unconventional Energy Resources Promoting Sustainable Living
Maximizing use of alternate energy is the call of the hour to create a sustainable future and maintain ecological balance.
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Global Warming Political Union
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