Understanding the Synergy between Climate Action and Sustainable Development Goals

We are well aware of the fact that Paris Agreement has urged nations to cooperate in long term low greenhouse emission development strategies (LTS). But, what we seem to have missed out happens to be the most integral section, which vehemently stresses on the concept of sustainable development and not just mere decarbonization plans restricted to documentation. The major focus is expected to be directed towards an engaging dialogue on how to go about low carbon, climate resilient, sustainable and an equitable future for the planet.

Experts suggest linking the LTS with sustainable development goals (SDGs) to stop global warming and climate change from taking a toll on the strategic implementation of Climate control Programmes.

In order to take stock of climate transition, the first and foremost step is to motivate citizen initiatives which will be rooted in carbon neutral, climate resilient and sustainable development. Discussions in relation to transparent processes, reforms should engage multiple stakeholders, every one of whom inevitably reserves vested interests. Administrative overseers should ensure taking cue from unanimous decision making and strategize planning and implementation.

Low carbon transition under SDGs encourage socio economic opportunities that promotes equitable distribution and fair play. This also kindles the ray of hope for those pushed to the brink of abject poverty and marginalized by climate calamities or is reeling under the potential threat of the same.

The amalgamation of LTS and SGDs ought to undertake the responsibility of rapid transformative policies that promise substantial action against the raging odds. This can be given shape over time through poverty and social impact analysis and incorporating mitigation procedures suggested by natives.

Least developed countries (LDCs) should seize this critical juncture to step ahead with plausible investments in low carbon technologies in order to avoid costly transitions from conventional energy sources. This in a way will serve them in pioneering research initiatives and claiming property rights in competition with the first world.

While adopting sustainable measures, socioeconomic and developmental factors should be well considered. For an instance motivating subscription of renewable green energy, that evidently optimizes energy use, thus leads to a drastic cost cut.

In fact, energy transition could also help in setting up new industries, creating potential employment opportunity, assure energy security, reduce environmental pollution, thus, impact on human health, and last but not the least, stop global warming!

In a way it is high time we move away from the usual arbitrations and focus on a goal oriented objective that can put our economy on track to achieve the goals of Paris Agreement as well as the SDGs. Meticulous technological choices along with the onus to work towards sustainable development challenges with stress on developing climate resilience , carbon neutrality through adoption of inclusive strategies for economic development will help preserve ecological balance.

Understanding the Synergy between Climate Action and Sustainable Development Goals
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Understanding the Synergy between Climate Action and Sustainable Development Goals
Working on both- reducing greenhouse emissions as well as sustainable development goals, with similar focus, can invariably make a difference to our environment, reeling under global warming and climate change.
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Global Warming Political Union
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