Universal Impact of the Causes and Effects of Global Warming

In today’s world, everyone is more or less aware of the word “global warming”. The word refers to the rising temperature that is happening worldwide. The causes and effects of global warming are many, which in the recent years are being felt more accurately by mankind. The causes of global warming can be attributed to the fact that the worldwide temperature is rising due to various human activities which can be also termed as human pollution of carbon gases. These activities have been going on for centuries and in the recent times, the effects are being felt more accurately.  The effects of global warming can change the face of the earth and can alter the course of humanity; such is the profound impact of the phenomenon. Therefore, to entirely understand the causes and effects of global warming we must try to understand the various elements that are responsible for the phenomenon and the effects that it is already having and will further have on the environment. There is a term “greenhouse effect” which again has become a common term which almost everyone knows. But very few understand what it exactly means and how it contributes to the global warming incident. To understand this we have to dig a little deeper beyond the surface.

Global warming is far more complex than just the surface of the earth hitting up. There are a number of complicated occurrences through which the earth’s temperature and climate are going through a transformation which in the long run has the power to turn the earth into an inhabitable planet. When at night the earth turns away from the sun which is the natural process, the earth warms itself up so that it does not freeze up. Therefore, the greenhouse effect is a natural occurrence which helps the earth to maintain the balance of temperature between day and night.   But the human acts of pollution has altered the way the greenhouse gases are supposed to work and most of the earth’s heat that was naturally supposed to escape from the earth’s surface remains trapped close to the surface thereby increasing the heat. The gases that are responsible for this is mainly gases like carbon dioxide and methane. In the air, the carbon gases act as the greenhouse gas, which traps the heat energy while letting the light energy though. The natural heat from the sun warms the earth’s surface and generated heat which eventually is turned in to thermal energy which in lay man’s term can be described as heat. In the usual course this heat is supposed to be radiated off into the atmosphere, but due to the effects of pollution much of this heat is ensnared or trapped by the Greenhouse gases.

Naturally, the heat accumulates and over time becomes more than what is required for a healthy existence. This phenomenon of the greenhouse effect can be held responsible for causing global warming. Therefore we are more or less clear about what causes global warming, so now let us look at what are the effects of global warming. When we have understood the causes of global warming it is not very difficult to figure out the effects that global warming might have on the atmosphere and climate of the earth. There are various calamities that almost appear to be supernatural because of their severity. Nature is now lashing out in the forms of tsunamis, huge tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, forest fires. The glaciers all over the world are melting and the water is raising the sea levels. They are also altering the salinity of the ocean water which in turn is affecting the marine life and also changing the warm oceanic currents. The effects of these are manifold. The areas which are supposed to receive warm airs are having prolonged winters which are turning these regions into frozen places, while where there is supposed to be rainfall is falling under drought spells which are affecting the crop yields. As the population of the earth in increasing this is especially bad news as more food is naturally required to sustain humanity. Thus a simple term can have immense connotations if we understand properly the causes and effects of global warming. It is actually far more complex than just the earth growing warmer as the whole of earth’s currents and weather patterns are changing as well.

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