Unravelling the Detrimental Effect of Climate Change on Africa

The signs of environmental degradation are very much prevalent in the global crisis scenario and among them, Africa has suffered to a great extent. A plethora of turbulence has been into the highlights for the past few decades and Africa, as known to be the Darkest continent, is facing the most devastating state of catastrophe due to climate change.

The changes in temperature have affected our livelihood, food productivity, overall health and security, food productivity and much more. Africa has initiated multiple projects on combating climate change while encountering a substantial decrease in rainfall in larger areas of Southern and Sahel Africa and an increase in certain regions of Central Africa. Over a span of 30 years in the recent past, there has been a drastic increase in environmental inconsistencies such as droughts, floods, because of which there has been a rise in the mortality rate as well.

Impact on Human Health

Various types of climate-sensitive diseases and other significant health impacts of climate change are pretty high in the poverty-ridden nations that do not have adequate resource supply to combat these issues. Some of the health impacts related to climate change and global warming are:

● Severe and frequent heat stress related to the increasing temperature.

● Deterioration of air quality which, can accompany heat waves, thereby leading to various types of breathing problems and respiratory diseases.

● The devastating impact of climate change on food systems and agriculture which, is further increasing the rate of malnutrition and poverty.

Impact on Shelter

Frequent floods and droughts have already led to the destruction of many villages and shelters across Africa. This has further increased the rate of migration to a great extent. Moreover, extreme environmental inconsistencies often displace huge amounts of people, especially the ones who are not able to rebuild and adapt to the disasters because of resource inadequacy.

Apart from the aforementioned areas, there has been a crucial adverse impact on national security, ecosystem and population that have been worsening their lives. The geographical changes, migration patterns and other seasonal activities of many marine and terrestrial species have drastically adapted as per the massive aftermath of climate change and global warming. Starting from the declining rate of agricultural production and fishery, mostly in the region of East Africa and the political disturbances prevailing all around the continent, Africa has always been at a state of catastrophe. Thus, let us take a step towards minimising the impact of climate change and prevent this gargantuan-sized piece of landscape from heading towards extinction.

Unravelling the Detrimental Effect of Climate Change on Africa
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Unravelling the Detrimental Effect of Climate Change on Africa
Many research studies have already been conducted by now, stating how climate change has been influencing the Black continent of our world, Africa, thereby imprinting its claws of devastation and crisis.
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Global Warming Political Union
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