Waking up to the Final Call and Standing up Against the Odd

Years of relentless exploitation of our valuable natural resources has lead to a deadlock, disturbing the ecological balance of our ecosystem.

It is high time we humans take responsibility of our own flaws and make amends by taking stock of the looming menace of global warming. Prompt action against rampant proliferation of factors responsible for the effects of global warming and environmental degradation is though not easy, but definitely possible.

Most importantly, the profundity of damage leads us to the idea of dynamic strategizing and no unidirectional remedy, considering the indulgence of multiple factors- economic, environmental, political and social.

The following can be blatantly referred to as substantial reasons for instant action and ideating a significant redress mechanism:

1. Our planet is warming up at record speed. 2015 witnessed a sharp increase of 87 degree celsisus above the baseline of 1951. This has directly posed a threat to the ecosystems across the globe destroying natural habitats of animals. Natural occurrences ranging from bleaching effect on the great barrier reef in Australia  to the forests in the North engulfed in forest fires indicate testing times.

2. Human displacement rooted in rising sea levels due to increased temperatures is frequently heard of. Low lying islands already submerged or at its brink are increasingly displacing communities, giving rise to innumerous climate change refugees. Ranging from Tegua, Marshall Islands to Maldives have experienced the intense effects of global warming.

3. Floods, cloud bursts, droughts as well as unexpected heat waves is eventually leading to deteriorating health and unknown ailments as critical as lung disease and cancer. On the other hand death rates are on the rise owing to unchecked pollution. Statistics show China has been the worst victim with about 1.6 million yearly deaths due to air pollution.

4. Climate change is noted to pose a challenge to the global economy. Reports speak of climate fluctuations taking a toll on agriculture and food production and in a way on the livestock production. This puts the economy at risk.

5. The growing imbalance due to transferring share of responsibility impacts specific zones. The concept of carbon trading and outsourcing in exchange for credits and monetary gains certifies the developed countries to continue production processes, while the developing ones are expected to curb.

At times even developed countries are delegated to carry out manufacturing processes leading to increased carbon emissions for the heck of producing exports.

Finally myriad factors responsible for environmental exploitationputs the entire race human race as well as the animal kingdom at risk due to the unavailability of clean air and water and lack of food and shelter.

Many an expert recommend considering environmental degradation to be a potential cause of human rights violation that demands a prompt redressal mechanism that can ensure sustainability.

Waking up to the Final Call and Standing up Against the Odd
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Waking up to the Final Call and Standing up Against the Odd
Mitigating environmental challenges posed by global warming demands awakening our consciousness and developing a global perspective for unearthing myriad solutions in cognizance with the factors responsible.
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Global Warming Political Union
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