What are the Effects of Climate Change

Since the human evolution, we have lived our life in our own way and utilized natural resources as per our wants. We have cut down acres and acres of forests, released huge amounts of methane while producing livestock and burnt massive amounts of fossil fuels. This has finally led our planet Earth to encounter the most dreadful aftermath; Climate change because of rising global temperature. Considering this fact, now if you are concerned of what are the effects of climate change, then we are here to enlighten you.

Forests and Climate Change

The impact of climate change on forests varies across different parts of the world. The Sub-Arctic boreal forests will be poorly affected as the tree lines will retreat towards the North with rise in temperature. With the destruction of forests, it is becoming disastrous for the communities and local species to survive. The trees that are on the verge of dying emit carbon dioxide being stored which, will increase in the level of atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases thereby, leading to drastic climate change while harming the biodiversity of Earth.

Water and Climate Change

Climate change has brought a serious impact to the water system across the world through droughts and flooding. Warm air generally holds a higher level of water content which in turn, will affect the rainfall patterns more intensively. The freshwater environments are experiencing excessive pressure because of dredging, pollution, extraction, drainage, silting and much more. Furthermore, the glaciers are melting fast which, will impact the freshwater ecosystems thereby making it difficult for us to consume it for our daily activities.

Wildlife and Climate Change

Climate change is perhaps the greatest cause of extinction of species. It has been observed that just an average rise of around 1.5O C can put around 20-30% of species under threat of extinction. Many of the endangered species of the world including snow leopard, Asian rhinos, polar bears, Adelie Penguins and African elephants live in areas which will be affected severely affected by climate change.

Polar regions and Climate Change

The extreme aftermaths of climate change are witnessed by the polar regions. Both the Arctic and Antarctica are experiencing a steep rise in average temperature which will bring severe implications to the animals living there including polar bears, seals and the local community. Moreover, the Antarctic ice sheets are melting fast which will further increase the level of sea levels across the globe.

To prevent the intensity of climate change, scientists are making efforts to limit the extent of global warming by initiating concerted efforts to minimize the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases.  This in turn, will reduce the freshwater shortages, industrial smog, occurrences of dreadful diseases and much more thereby, making the environment better.

What are the Effects of Climate Change
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What are the Effects of Climate Change
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