What are the Effects of Global Warming

Global warming has already shown us a range of discernible aftermaths to our environment. The ice on lakes and rivers are melting faster, glaciers are shrinking, many animal species are getting extinct and occurrences of wildfires are increasing. Environmentalists all across the world are conducting in-depth research on finding out ‘what are the effects of global warming’ which, is mainly occurring because of the increasing atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases due to anthropogenic activities.

The effects will continue to increase and become more destructive for our planet untill the time we start taking immediate action for minimizing carbon emissions and ensure the existence of life in our planet.

Temperatures will rise further

Human-induced global warming is superimposing naturally drastic climate changes and thus, the temperature rise will not be uniform throughout the time over all regions of the world.

Climatic changes will continue to rise

Climate all across the world will continue to fluctuate frequently in the near future and for centuries to come from now. Magnitude of climate change will depend primarily on the total amount of heat-trapping gases which, are being emitted all across the world and how the Earth’s climate will get affected by those emissions in the near future.

Frost-free season will stretch

Since 1980s, the duration of the frost-free season has started increasing which will continue to increase further. The ecosystems and agriculture will continue to increase with the growing season continue to increase.

More occurrences of hurricanes

Though hurricanes are known to be a natural part of the climate system, recent evidences have shown us that their intensity or destructive power is growing more rapidly and will continue to do so, especially in the North Atlantic region.

More destructive wildfires

The occurrence of wildfires is increasing with the steady rise in global temperature. With the summer and spring temperatures rising high and snow melting fast, the forests are getting hotter and drier for longer periods.

Intense and frequent heat waves

The weather is becoming hotter and heat waves have become more frequent with the increasing impact of global warming. Resultantly, the serious health risks will increase including heat stroke, heat exhaustion thereby, aggravating the prevailing medical conditions.

Increasing number of health problems

With the increase in air pollution, the intensity of allergic-related diseases and spread of insect-borne diseases are rising. Furthermore, with the dangerous heat waves, the chances of floods and heavy rainstorms have also increased. All these environmental inconsistencies will pose severe and costly risks to our health.

Frequent occurrences of severe droughts

Climate change brings a serious impact on the list of factors associated with droughts and are likely to increase the risks related to droughts in different regions of the world. The temperature has warmed up and with it, the duration and prevalence of droughts have increased which, would not only our lives but, also bring a massive change to the world’s geography.

Global warming emissions need to be minimized and the communities need to make sure that they are equipped with enough resources to withstand the impact of climate change. Thus, implement power-efficient solutions and combat this massive environmental issue in order to build a sustainable, safe and healthy future.

What are the Effects of Global Warming
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What are the Effects of Global Warming
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