With your help

With your help we can change our political system.
The people who have gotten themselves elected into parliament up until now, hoping to do this, have failed. They were chewed up by the political mincing machine. No one is capable of changing our political system on their own, your help is needed. Now no one is asking or expecting you to make a major commitment to this website or to risk being sued, or to risk loosing your house.

I am an insignificant nobody with a passion for renovating our political system. We can renew our political system, we can do this.

l look back at the culture we Australians used to have, the one we have lost forever. There was a time when we never had to concern ourselves about terrorism. If you are under thirty, can you imagine, possibly imagine what it would be like to live in a country where there was no need to concern yourself about terrorism. This is the culture we Australians used to have before your parents and our politicians gave it away. There was no need for us to spend over a billion dollars a year on stopping terrorists from bombing us in our own country. This was money that used to go to our schools and hospitals, now it is spent on stopping people from putting bombs on our aeroplanes and stopping people from the plan they had to kill some of our soldiers in an army barracks in Victoria.

It was our politicians that destroyed our culture, our peace and our way of life. People around my age, l am 64, let this happen. Some people say people get what they deserve. Unfortunately it is our young Australians who have got what people my age deserve. Unfortunately our young Australians have no way of turning our culture back to the beautiful culture we once had, a culture that many people around the world used to envy. With your help we can make changes to our political system and create a much better future for you than the one that is currently heading your way.

Our politicians tell us they have been very successful with their experimental multicultural plans that they created to mix people from all nations and all religions together in Australia. Did they not see what happened in America after the Americans brought Africans to America, stealing their freedom and turning them into slaves? Could they not see what Hitler did to the Jews that were living in Germany during the second world war?

Are you fed up with our table tennis political system? With Labour in government, we voters sack our Labour government and replace it with a Liberal government. When Liberal is in government, we sack our Liberal government, and the cycle continues again and again, with no improvement.

We have a government system that has allowed our electricity prices to be the highest in the world, does that not seem ludicrous to you if you consider that our coal is free and all we have to do is did it out of the ground? We sell our coal to countries overseas, yet they can sell electricity to their people for less than we do.

Apparently we are the second biggest gas exporting country in the world and we are possibly going to become the worlds biggest in the near future. We let our politicians stop us from putting gas conversions in our cars and make us buy petrol from overseas to put in them. We have far too much money going out of our country, money that we will never see again, money that is being lost forever, that will never circulate in our country again, it well never circulate through our schools, Centrelink, or our Hospitals because our governments have put a very high gas tax on our automotive gas.

We have an electricity shortage yet we have an enormous amount of free coal in the ground and we apparently have the highest electricity bills in the world. All this because our Liberal and labour governments have been telling us we need to live in a country where we have free markets. We export a lot of iron ore that is sold for billions of dollars a year, yet we have a massive national debt. I think our government should be embarrassed for exporting our natural resources and being in debt rather than in surplus.

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